Helen Stiller
& Transitions Massage


I’m a strong believer in everyone’s capacity to heal. It’s why I became a nurse in the first place. I wanted to be an ally to people who were going through difficult, challenging, and life-changing experiences. Hospitals are one of the places we are at our most vulnerable. Hospitals change people.

I first worked as a Registered Nurse in oncology and obstetrics, learning the nuances of recovery and healing. I quickly realized I could be my most effective outside the confines of back-to-back 12hr shifts, and instead be more present through the whole recovery process. I became a Registered Massage Therapist, and though I still moonlight as a nurse in a leading Toronto cancer hospital, I consider myself fortunate to work with people who are stepping into their best selves, choosing wellness over sickness and ownership over gender dysphoria.

My nursing background means I bring my medical training to your assessment while trusting my hands and our intuition during your treatments. I graduated from Sutherland-Chan's 2200 hr massage therapy diploma program in 1997 and am a current member of the RMTAO and RNAO.  As well,  I am a member in good standing with WPATH (www.wpath.org) and follow the SOC 7 guidelines. You may also find me listed as a service provider on the RHO website (www.rainbowhealth.ca)

I use a variety of massage and visual techniques in my practice including:

  • General Swedish Massage

  • Visualization & EMDR techniques in conjunction with massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Trigger Point Release

  • MyoFascial Release coupled with therapist-assisted stretching

  • PNF Stretching / Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

  • Neuromuscular Integration & Structural Alignment

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

These techniques are designed to soften and release scar tissue, enhance lymphatic and venous circulation, alleviate tension, encourage your body’s natural healing process, and help retrain your mind to stop its circular worry patterns.

Through massage therapy, I lessen the fear, anxiety, and pain that comes with illness, surgical intervention, and feeling out of control. Massage can decrease the impact of scar tissue, strains, sprains, and negative holding patterns.

Helen Stiller
I help people transition from someone defined by circumstance into the person they were meant to be.