You already know that massage therapy is ideal for decreasing stress, alleviating anxiety, and relieving tension in muscles. Transitions Massage takes massage therapy beyond relaxation into your pre-surgical preparation and your post-surgical healing. With a professional history as a Registered Nurse and a Registered Massage Therapist, I am uniquely qualified to help you on your journey.


Top Surgery or Breast Construction

Scars are a sign of healing. Regardless of whether you’ve been waiting years for top surgery (or breast construction) as a part of your gender reassignment, or it was sprung upon you as the only option for cancer treatment, massage therapy can help release scar tissue, encourage lymphatic drainage, and soften and release any fascial adhesions that may begin to develop post-op. We’ll also address any recurring stress or emotional side effects of hormone therapy.

Facial Feminization

Very gentle massage coupled with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) techniques to your face, scalp and neck pre and post FFS helps prepare your tissue before surgery and can hasten the resolution of swelling and bruising during your recovery. Visualization techniques coupled with deep breathing can relieve the anxiety and help retrain the holding patterns around the jaw, brow, and anterior neck that formed long ago.



Donor site (arm or thigh) tissue health is of utmost importance for successful grafting and complication-free healing. MLD used pre and post operatively helps encourage a successful “take” of your graft and reduced swelling for your scar. This treatment plan is a long term commitment and is best if well thought out and planned pre-op. Sliding scale for this treatment schedule is offered as the best routine is 2-3x/week. Call me to discuss.

Your Whole Healing

Our emotions affect our physical bodies. Certain scents, colours, sounds, or memories can trigger physical sensations. While your appointment will address any physical complaints, we will also focus on treating any anxiety, insomnia, or depression you may be experiencing from your surgery. With massage therapy, we can heal new wounds and old trauma. And believe it or not, most of my clients describe their therapy as “fun”. I have a wicked sense of humour and find laughter to be the most healing medicine of all.


Diabetes & Chemotherapy Complications

Chronic diabetes and certain chemotherapies can cause venous and lymphatic insufficiency, leading to decreased circulation, swelling, pain, numbness, and tingling (peripheral neuropathy) in your extremities. Despite your best attempts to manage your diabetes, you may find yourself with extremities developing sores that are resistant to healing, or lymphedema. As a preventative measure, regular massage can temporarily help restore venous and lymphatic circulation to your affected areas.